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Litigators with a fresh perspective

From our offices in Barrie, we provide service to clients across southern Ontario. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality expertise and service on all dispute resolution matters.

Who We Are

Welcome To Chapman Law

We specialize in providing legal advice and representation in litigation and mediation in matters which include civil and commercial litigation, personal injury and disability insurance litigation, and employment law and wrongful dismissal litigation. We also provide assistance to clients with wills and estate planning.

Civil Litigation

We act for individual and business clients in a wide variety of litigation matters and for a wide range of commercial clients in diverse industries. We also assist individual clients with their disability insurers when those clients have become ill or disabled.

Criminal Litigation

We offer experienced legal representation for those charged with a criminal offense and will work with you to find the best results for your situation. We can assist you in preparation of your court documents and represent your interests.

Family Litigation

The breakdown of the family relationship is a very difficult challenge to face, and require the assistance of a lawyer who is compassionate and respectful. Let us assist you in resolving these matters amicably through negotiations or mediation.

What you Need

Looking for a Mediator?

While our lawyers have experience advising and representing clients in mediation and arbitration processes, we also act as mediators on non-client matters.  We have experience assisting parties toward reaching their own resolution in both civil and family matters.  As mediators we are able to assist the parties in sifting through the issues and interests in their cases and what a fair outcome could be for the parties.  Our experience as litigators helps our mediators to clarify the issues and to assess the strength and weaknesses of each party’s case, all while maintaining an unbiased perspective.  Please contact our office to learn more about our mediators and hosting private mediation in our offices.

72 High Street, Barrie, Ontario L4N 1W4

Parking is available at the rear of our building. Offices are accessible through the main entrance.

PHONE: 705-719-2200

FAX: 705-719-2265

MON – FRI: 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Appointments outside of these hours can be arranged upon request.

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