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From our Chapman Law offices in Barrie, we provide legal services to clients across southern Ontario.

Leverage our creative, analytical minds and legal expertise for your dispute resolution and litigation matters.

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Welcome to Chapman Law

We provide advice and legal representation in the following areas: employment law and wrongful dismissal, family law, civil and commercial litigation, and personal injury and disability insurance litigation. We also assist in estate planning. This includes the preparation of wills and power of attorney, and estate administration.

Amanda Chapman is also a trained mediator and is available to provide mediation services in family and civil matters.

Family Litigation

The breakdown of the family relationship is a difficult challenge to face. It requires the assistance of a lawyer who is compassionate and respectful. Let us help you resolve these matters amicably through negotiations or mediation. If a settlement can not be reached or you have an ongoing family court proceeding, we will advocate on your behalf throughout. We are experienced trial lawyers. 

Civil Litigation

We act for individuals and businesses in a wide variety of litigation matters and for a wide range of individuals and commercial clients in diverse industries. We often assist individual clients with their employment, insurance, and personal injury matters.


Appeals require specialized knowledge and experience. Whether you are facing an appeal or desiring to launch an appeal, our approach is to represent your interests fearlessly and do everything possible to achieve the best possible result for you.

Unbundling of Chapman Law Legal Services

If you need a lawyer for litigation or a court proceeding, but you can’t afford to have us represent you throughout, we can unbundle our services. This means you can hire us to draft your court application and file it for you, to prepare motion materials or an affidavit, or to prepare for and attend your court date with you. You pay only for the services you require based on an agreed to flat fee. 


Looking for a Mediator?

We have experience assisting parties toward reaching their own resolution in both civil and family matters. As mediators, we assist parties in sifting through their respective issues and interests to determine what a fair outcome could be for all involved. As an experienced mediator, Amanda Chapman can help clarify issues and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case, all while maintaining an unbiased perspective. Please contact our office to learn more about our mediation service and about hosting private mediation in our offices.

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