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Employment Lawyer

Employment plays an important role in every day life. Often, the end of one’s employment is unexpected. Many clients have not been laid off or dismissed previously and are not sure where to start when they are faced with that dilemma. There is no doubt that an initial consult following a difficult meeting with your employer, or when served by your employer following a layoff or a termination notice is extremely important. Your employer likely has counsel and knows their rights, you should give yourself that same opportunity.

At Chapman Law, we have the skills and experience to assist you in a thorough negotiation and work to secure the best outcome for your end of employment or layoff. We will review your employment contracts and agreements and determine their validity before advising on the best way to move your matter forward.

Our lawyers also review and negotiation employment agreements. If you are starting new employment and the employer asks you to sign a written employment agreement our best advice is to seek legal advice regarding that contract before you agree and sign.

If litigation is necessary, we are here to work with you through that process. From the commencement of a claim, through the discovery and pre-trial processes. We have represented many employee and employer clients in litigation matters related to employment law including constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, human rights-based claims, harassment and bullying and claims arising from a leave of absence or illness.

Workplace Investigations

Amanda Chapman is also an experienced workplace investigator. As an investigator, Amanda Chapman will conduct a thorough review of an employment issue, conduct an investigation including meeting with parties and witnesses, reviewing documentation and other evidence and providing the employer with a report as to the facts, issues and findings. Our reports will also provide recommendations based on the legislation and caselaw to assist the employer in addressing any areas of concern in the workplace which have been noted in the investigation.

On your side

Common Areas Include:

Employment agreements
Constructive dismissal
Wrongful dismissal
Human rights-based claims

Contact us to discuss how we can serve you in your employment legal matters.

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