Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Estate Lawyers

We counsel families, individuals, private trust companies, charitable organizations and investment companies in transactions involving the preservation and governance of wealth and the transfer of assets.

Some executors and trustees prefer to have us act as their agents on day-to-day administration of estates. We will interact with government representatives and financial institutions on their behalf, providing clients with regular activity reports and advice.

Good communication throughout the estate planning process saves time and produces a better result. In our estate planning process we also create a file of information that ensures your trustees have access to supporting documents and information such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, title documents, life insurance policies and banking information.

If you hold real estate, business interests and other assets including assets in foreign countries, you will need experienced advice from trusted professionals. Whether you are transferring your real property, RRSPs, a pension, or ensuring your spouse and children or grandchildren are taken care of is key to estate planning. Have a power of attorney and a will in place will ensure a smoother, less expensive estate administration process.

Estate Litigation

Disputes relating to wills and estates are often difficult and complicated and unearth feelings of grief and uncertainty amongst family members. Chapman Law takes great care to help our clients plan and design their wills and estates in a way that anticipates and avoids disputes and unnecessary litigation for your family members and/or trustees. However, should the need arise, our lawyers are very capable and experienced with all aspects of estate litigation. We work hard to help our clients navigate the process with compassion and sensitivity.

Contested Wills and Trusts

In the City of Toronto, mediation is a required step in will disputes. Our extensive mediation experience assists us in securing cost-effective settlements with our clients’ best interests in mind, while prioritizing the preservation of family and personal relationships wherever possible.

We assist our clients with a wide range of issues, including the interpretation of wills and trusts, and careful review of their legal rights and obligations. We review all options with our clients and advise on the best way to proceed in the event of a conflict.

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Because the estate trustee or executor oversees the distribution of assets, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise surrounding the manner in which these duties are carried out. Our estates group is highly skilled in these types of disputes, having both defended estate trustees and brought actions against them on behalf of one or more beneficiaries.

The professionals in our firm work to protect our clients’ interests, and they have a trusted network of professionals with expertise in various fields at their disposal should it prove beneficial to the matter at hand. We routinely partner experienced litigators with younger lawyers in litigation matters in order to bring new ideas, enthusiasm and creativity to the process.

On your side

Our qualified and professional lawyers can assist clients in various disputes by:

Challenging a Will or trust.

Filing a Notice of Objection in the event of a trustee dispute.

Filing dependants’ relief claims when heirs are excluded from a Will or not sufficiently provided for.

Litigating trustee/executor disputes.

Litigating trustee compensation and passing of trustee accounts.

Seeking to remove estate trustees for dishonesty or incompetence.

Seeking orders for direction from the court.

Acting as estate trustee during litigation.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your estate legal matters.

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